Bosnia and Herzegovina: Market Maker Award to Mr. Branko Maric
Sarajevo, August 11, 2017

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Belgrade, August 7, 2017

Slovenia: Sale of NLB group postponed for three years?
Ljubljana, July 2017

Slovenia: Abanka d.d. signs an agreement on the sale of its participating interest in the subsidiary company Aleasing d.o.o., Ljubljana
Ljubljana, July 2017

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Ljubljana, June 2017

Slovenia: Future amendment to the labour inspection act
Ljubljana, June 2017

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Zagreb, July 2017

Croatia: Changes in the Croatian Insurance scene
Zagreb, July 2017

Serbia: Recent events on Insolvency & Restructuring/NPLs
Belgrade, June 2017

Montenegro: Too much video surveillance in a Montenegrin tavern
Podgovrica, July 2017